Financial secrets of wealthy people

The only course with a formula to apply

Escaping poverty has never been easier in entire history while we live unbelievable days of human evolution. Society is offering huge opportunities of achieveing wealth in short time and learning to scale up is an ABILITY you must own in order to make big financial progress.

Discover why motivation and positive thinking is not enough, learn to manage your life with complete control and follow a simple path that economy helds. There are stairs waiting to be climbed with the right knowledge and actions.

The package WEALTH GENIUS includes:

  • eBook Course
  • 10 important bonus videos
  • wealth plan with clear steps

The entire product has foundation from self-made millionaires mindsets, actions and lifestyle. All of them started from being broke or poor, while going to a normal job and most of their times ending with empty pokets! Then what changed their destiny?


Natural law accessible to anyone

We were meant to succeed and enjoy life at high expectations. There are natural and invisible forces surrounding us all the time and a proper education is required to use them in your favor, and not against! They work as well positive and negative, no matter the direction YOU pick on, they are there to serve!

  • Devote yourself to being a millionaire
  • Create the seed for abundance of a financial future
  • Ignorance is financial suicide


A quality life is never an accident

A quality life reflects the wise choices that we make in our daily lives out of the many alternatives that we have. When our life is in balance, the results from our effort in anything we do gravitate towards excellence.

  • Formula of millionaire included
  • Growth method explained
  • Real-life examples attached


What poor people really think

Discover in the following many of deep beliefs that poor people have, understanding how they set their own destiny, no matter how lucky they would be.

  • 87% of poor people believe you must be intellectually gifted in order to become wealthy
  • 90% of poor people believe fate determines your wealth or poverty in life
  • 13% of poor people believed they would be successful in life
  • 80% of the poor believe genes are critical to success
  • 82% of the poor believe they are not responsible for their poverty
  • 90% of the poor believe rich people are rich because their parents were rich and they inherited money
  • 5% of poor people believe rich people are good, hardworking and honest
  • 52% of poor people believe wealth is accidental; a function of random luck

Content inside

Abundance mindset

Discover the abundance mindset that you need to implement into your life in order to achieve great amounts of money and always be on the positive side of scenario

Financial wealth

Apply the strategy found inside to get millionaire in less then 2 years of consistent steps. Financial wealth is a formula, not a fantasy.

Economy explained

Discover how economy actually works and see that principles behind are very simple to understand and apply. You will never need to be worry about money or status again


You will learn how to build wealth with low income, even if your background is a struggling one, coming from a poor family or bad financial situation

Laws of growth

Find out what laws of growth you need to follow in order to achieve maximum success and understand how wealth is created. All rich people applied these either conscious, or unconscious, to produce their fortune.

Universe knowledge

Discover how universe actually is on our side and understand it's powers, so that you can use them and grow substantially in a short period of time, achieving excellence and luxury